What makes us awesome

This is the largest student hackathon in Mexico. Hosted by Tec de Monterrey, ranked 5 stars by QS, in the top 40 universities worldwide and top 10 in Latin America.

All students welcome!

Whether it's your first hackathon or you're an experienced hacker, HackMTY is perfect for you and there's no entry fee.

Expect great things

We’ll have mentors from different companies, and a great atmosphere for learning something new. We'll be providing food and snacks to keep you energized during the 24 hours.


You should submit your git repository, in public mode or with permissions to see commit history. It is best if you also include any documentation, pitch presentations, demos, etc. in your git, even if its a separate section from your code.

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MEX$172,000 in prizes

Peripheral Combo

1st Place

Logitech G G332 Headphones, Logitech G Pro X keyboard, Logitech G G502 HERO mouse, Asus VG259Q 24.5” de 144Hz. monitor for each team member

Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones

2nd Place
1 per team member

Echo Show 8

3rd Place
1 per team member

Banorte Challenge

Nowcasting de la Inflación en México
- Este reto implica construir un pronóstico de la variación quincenal del Índice Nacional de Precios al Consumidor (INPC) con información pública. El equipo ganador de este reto será quien tenga el pronóstico más exacto para las medidas de inflación general y subyacente -que se definirá como aquel pronóstico fuera de muestra que tenga la menor diferencia absoluta respecto a la variación quincenal del INPC general y subyacente durante las quincenas publicadas por el INEGI durante el año 2021.

1st Place - Xbox Series X
2nd Place - Airpods Pro
3rd Place - Gaming Keyboard

Devpost Achievements

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The Judges

The Judges
Multiple Companies

Judging Criteria

  • Innovación
  • Reto Técnico
  • Experiencia de Usuario
  • Impacto
  • Presentación

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